Are My Plants Thirsty?

You live in Bath. You've been away for a few days

You're wondering: are my plants thirsty?


Just thinking it over, bear with me

Save water in the garden

Read some tips on how to be more water efficient.

Get a Water butt

Order a water butt from the council

When and how to water your garden

The RHS have everything you need to know.

Look after your pots

The RHS also have some tips for growing plants in containers.


Sometimes what you want to know is yesterday's weather, not the forecast. If you've been on holiday or away for a long weekend, it's useful to know if its rained recently, so you can water the garden.

This application uses open data about Bath to give you an indication of whether its rained in the last few days. It uses some historical data about the climate around Bath & North East Somerset and rainfall data captured by a local amateur weather station.

Disclaimer: this uses data from a local amateur weather station, which may not be 100% accurate. So don't rely on it to help look after your prize winning marrow or something. But then what are you doing going on holiday when you're growing a prize winning marrow? Go out and check on it!