Curating local data for local people. In Bath.

How You Can Help. Yes, You!

After I posted a link to this project on Twitter last night, there was some really encouraging feedback from the local community. Looks like there’s some interest in a Bath based hackday and cider. Mainly cider in fact, but that’s all good :)

One question I got asked is: how do we move this forward? I thought I’d post some ideas about next steps, as well as some suggestions for how people can get involved.

House Price Data From the Land Registry

Like the Ordnance Survey, the Land Registry have recently started to publish some Open Data. That data includes statistics on transactions made against the Land Registry database as well as “price paid” data.

As the Land Registry website explains, this data relates to:

residential property sales in England and Wales that are lodged with us for registration. The data includes:

  • the full address of the property (Primary addressable object name (PAON), Secondary addressable object name (SAON), street, postcode, locality (if available), town, district, county)
  • the price paid for the property
  • the date of transfer
  • the property type (Detached, Semi, Terraced, Flat/Maisonette)
  • whether the property is new build or not
  • whether the property is freehold or leasehold.

We can filter their data to grab just the Bath prices.

The NHS in Bath

The NHS Organisation Data Service has a responsibility to help various parts of the NHS, and affiliated organisations, exchange information as efficiently as possible. Part of that activity involves maintaining a database of organisations relevant to the NHS. That includes everything from NHS Primary Care Trusts through to individual Pharmacies.

Their data is published under the Open Government License so can be freely reused. Lets take a look at what it contains and how we can grab a local extract.

Bath Postcodes

If we’re going to be working with local data then it makes sense to have a list of local postcodes. There’s all kinds of data that can be usefully linked or combined based on postcode information. For example you could aggregate statistics on crime rates or house prices. Happily the Ordnance Survey now publish some useful Open Data about UK postcodes.

So lets look at how we can work with their data to query it and extract it for local use.

Hello Bath Hackers

First post!

This site is an experiment in creating a collection of useful pointers, blog posts, datasets and maybe even APIs for local hackers in Bath. As I’ve explained a little in the about page I’m interested in exploring how a more local, city level view of Open Data could help support some interesting innovative hacking amongst the local geek community.

As the recent [Bath Digital Festival] has shown Bath has developed a really amazing local tech community. [WeLoveBath] also shows that Bath has a great community of engaged citizens. But I’ve not seen any efforts to start curating local datasets that can help both of those communities do interesting, innovative things in our local area.

This site sets out to see if we can remedy that. Basically, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years doing data modelling and munging and I decided its time to use those skills for good :)

I expect this will be something of a journey and I’m hoping that some of you out there will want to join in and help out. I’m hoping that if its successful then maybe we can run a BathCamp or hackday dedicated to local data projects.

It doesn’t matter if your a geek or not I’m hoping that we can explore lots of ways to curate and collect local data. I’m as interested in running some local crowd-sourcing experiments as I am in wrangling data from various APIs.

The project is intended to be open from top to bottom, so all of the content, source code and data should be up for re-use.

Lets see what we can make.